Scholastic Extension of the USCF State Chapter Oklahoma Chess Association.

OSCO tournaments are rated with Chess eXpress Ratings, plus USCF for Premier Sections, with no membership fees.

Kevin Chen Tops The Most Improved Players List 6 Jan 20

Congratulations to Ryan Amburgy for achieving a historic place in the OSCO 2000 Hall of Fame.

Oklahoma's 2019 National Invitational Representatives
Denker High School Invitational: Howard Zhong of Norman
Barber K-8 Invitational: Naren Pullela of Edmond
National Girls Invitational: Viktorija Zilajeva of Moore

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Club Team & School Team Definitions

for the purpose of OSCO tournament participation.

A “Club Team” is defined as a group of players that regularly meet and practice together, with published meeting time and place available online to allow verification that the team members actually do meet. Club teams will include the same number of player scores as is used in the same event for school teams, due to pairing software limitations. At the beginning of the season, a player will have to choose whether to compete with a school team or club team for that season. Only one change will be allowed per school year. Players may not compete on a new team for the first time at the state championship. In order to maintain the integrity of the Club Team definition, players found to be participating in tournaments as a Club Team member but NOT meeting and practicing as part of the Club Team will be subject to a one game suspension of both the team and player on the first offense and for one calendar year for repeat offenses.

Any Club Teams forming which conforms to the above must Email or notify the tournament director so they can be added to the online list of club teams. Their team code at tournaments will be prefaced by an * for visibility on the team standings.

A “School Team” is defined as a group of players that must have their primary enrollment in the same school. No combined schools are allowed. A school is defined as the same building or connected buildings under the same name.

Homeschool players (none in any K-12 building most of the school day) which are meeting and practicing together may compete at OSCO tournaments as a school team under the homeschool groups name.

If the local school allows participation of homeschoolers in co-curricular activities and the homeschool player does so, then they may compete at OSCO tournaments as part of that school's team.

Alternative Education Students may participate at OSCO tournaments in the school team of the district's school which they woiuld otherwise attend.

Oklahome School of Science and Mathematics (OSSM) Students residing at the main campus in Oklahoma City may participate at OSCO tournaments in the school team of the school or homeschool group which they were associated with prior to attending OSSM.

Email admin@okschess.org with any questions after reading this page