Scholastic Extension of the USCF State Chapter Oklahoma Chess Association.

OSCO tournaments are rated with Chess eXpress Ratings, plus USCF for Premier Sections, with no membership fees.

Kevin Chen Tops The Most Improved Players List 6 Jan 20

Congratulations to Ryan Amburgy for achieving a historic place in the OSCO 2000 Hall of Fame.

Oklahoma's 2019 National Invitational Representatives
Denker High School Invitational: Howard Zhong of Norman
Barber K-8 Invitational: Naren Pullela of Edmond
National Girls Invitational: Viktorija Zilajeva of Moore

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Junior Chess Corner   - Updated March 2011, by John Cope
John was Oklahoma's High School Champion and Denker Tournament of State Champions representative in 2005-6. He has now combined his writing skills, chess abilities and junior perspective to bring you the Junior Chess Corner.

Chess Lesson Plans
Free chess lesson plans with exercises shared by teachers and coaches. Please share yours too.

Chess 101: The Basics
You're welcome to print/copy, use or improve this for club or personal use. Please send any suggestions to Mike Swatek.

Training Links

These are now organized in a more useful manner for your convenience. Please email Webmaster regarding any broken links or web sites you recommend for this list.

Camps and Classes

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On-line Play

  • Internet Chess Club for on-line chess play and learning opportunities. This is a good site that seems relatively safe. However, parents should always monitor internet gaming by kids when a chat window is available.

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