Scholastic Extension of the USCF State Chapter Oklahoma Chess Association.

OSCO tournaments are rated with Chess eXpress Ratings, plus USCF for Premier Sections, with no membership fees.

Kevin Chen Tops The Most Improved Players List 6 Jan 20

Congratulations to Ryan Amburgy for achieving a historic place in the OSCO 2000 Hall of Fame.

Oklahoma's 2019 National Invitational Representatives
Denker High School Invitational: Howard Zhong of Norman
Barber K-8 Invitational: Naren Pullela of Edmond
National Girls Invitational: Viktorija Zilajeva of Moore

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Books, Software and Videos


Videos and Books are further down the page.

Software - good practice for the best challenge, another live player.

Publisher Title Media  Cost  (approx) Source Chess Level
UBI Soft Chessmaster 10th Edition (Win 98, ME, XP, not 2000) Software  $   19.00 Amazon All
UBI Soft Chessmaster: Grandmaster Edition (Win 98, ME, XP, not 2000) Software  $   32.00 Amazon All
Viva Media Learn to Play Chess with Fritz and Chesster(Win98 and later) Software  $   20.00 Amazon Early Beginner
Viva Media Learn to Play Chess with Fritz and Chesster Part 2 (Win98 and later) Software  $   20.00 Amazon Beginner
Titus Software Virtual Kasparov Game Boy Advance  $   57 Amazon All
Food for Thought Software Think Like A King - Chess Workouts for home and school. Software $16.95 ea SchoolChess.com All



I've seen the ones below and consider them useful for scholastic players. There are a lot of chess videos in the USCF store, but little out there to help pick out some good ones for scholastic players. Please send the webmaster information about any videos you know of that are good for scholastic players, along with the recommended table entries for it.
Title Media  Cost  (approx) Source Rating Chess Level  
ProChess Video Chess Mentor with GM Yasser Seirawan DVD  $   18.00 www.WholesaleChess.com NR Beginner+ to Intermediate General Chess Skills (excellent training tool with easy access to sections on DVD for club coaching sessions)
Knights of the South Bronx DVD  $   13.50 Amazon PG All Excellent story of a school chess club
Searching for Bobby Fischer DVD  $    15 Amazon PG All Father of a Prodigy Observes the World of Chess
Chess Starts Here with Josh Waitzkin GVD  $   27.00 Amazon NR Beginner Good follow-up after watching "Searching for Bobby Fischer" with fundamentals of the game


Books - sorted with most recommended at the top

It seems like everyone has an opinion about chess books, and few are the same. This list is compiled from many recommendation lists, then sorted according how many times they were recommended.  Hopefully, the best ones have found their way near the top. However, someone liked the one at the bottom too. Before buying, search the internet for reviews, along with the information at Amazon and USCF, and talk to your chess coach. The webmaster has tried to not let any personal bias influence the sort order below. Please contact the webmaster with any recommendations or update suggestions.
Author Title Media  Cost  (approx) Source Reading Level Chess Level
(Beginner <750 and
Intermediate <1000)
Fischer, Bobby Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess Paperback  $    7.59 Amazon   Beginner Basics up with diagrams
Nottingham, Ted Chess for Children Hardcover  $    20.05 Amazon 9-12 Beginner history, rules, and strategy 
Lev Alburt, Roman Pelts Comprehensive Chess Course Vol. 1: Learn Chess in 12 Lessons Paperback  $   11.87 Amazon 10+ Teaching Beginners Moves and Rules
Lev Alburt, Roman Pelts Comprehensive Chess Course Vol. 2: From Beginner to Tournament Player in 12 Lessons Paperback  $   19.69 Amazon 10+ Teaching Beginners+ Basic tactics & mates
Lev Alburt, Sam Palatnik and Roman Pelts Comprehensive Chess Course Vol. 3: Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player Paperback $  13.97 Amazon 10+ Intermediate Tactics
Lev Alburt, Sam Palatnik Comprehensive Chess Course Vol. 4: The King in Jeopardy: The Best Techniques for Attack and Defense Paperback $  13.97 Amazon 10+ Intermediate Attack and Defense
Lev Alburt, Sam Palatnik Comprehensive Chess Course Vol. 5: Chess Strategy for the Tournament Player Paperback $  16.77 Amazon 10+ Intermediate+ Strategy
Lev Alburt Comprehensive Chess Course Vol. 6: Chess Training Pocket Book: 300 Most Important Positions and Ideas Paperback $  12.57 Amazon 10+ Intermediate+ Tactics
Lev Alburt, Nikolay Krogius Comprehensive Chess Course Vol. 7: Just the Facts!: Winning Endgame Knowledge in One Volume Paperback $  18.33 Amazon 10+ Intermediate+ Endgame
Weeramantry, Sunil Best Lessons of a Chess Coach Paperback  $   11.87 Amazon 10+ Intermediate+ Strategy and tactics
Chandler, Murray How to Beat Your Dad at Chess Hardcover  $   12.57 Amazon 9-12 Intermediate Endgame
Chernev , Irving Logical Chess - Move by Move Paperback  $   21.95 Amazon 8+ Intermediate Annotated games
Gillam, A.J. Simple Checkmates Paperback  $    15.00 Amazon 8+ Beginner Endgame
Bain, John A. Chess Tactics for Students - Student Edition Paperback  $   14.95 Amazon 8+ Intermediate Tactical motifs
Eade, James Chess for Dummies Paperback  $   15.39 Amazon 10+ Beginner Setup to strategies & tactics
Seirawan, Yasser Winning Chess Openings Paperback $   13.57 Amazon 10+ Beginner+ to intermediate Opening
Wolff, Patrick Complete Idiot's Guide to Chess, The Paperback  $   11.87 Amazon Adult Intermediate General
Pandolfini, Bruce Beginning Chess Paperback  $   11.20 Amazon 8+ Beginner Rules to tactics
Basman, Michael Chess for Kids Hardcover  $   10.39 Amazon 9-12 Beginner Setup to strategies & tactics
USCF USCF Official Rules of Chess Paperback  $    13.27 Amazon   All Rules
Coakley, Jeff Winning Chess Strategy for Kids Paperback  $   24.95 Amazon 7-13 Beginner rules, basic mates, elementary tactics, advanced strategies
Kallai, Gabor Basic Chess Openings Paperback  $   13.27 Amazon   Intermediate Openings
Snyder, Robert M. Chess for Juniors: A Complete Guide for the Beginner Paperback  $   9.95 Amazon 9-12 Beginner opening, middle, and endgame strategies
Hays, Lou Winning Chess Tactics for Juniors Paperback  $   10.00 Amazon   Intermediate tactics
Kallai, Gabor More Basic Chess Openings Paperback  $   13.97 Amazon   Intermediate Openings