Scholastic Extension of the USCF State Chapter Oklahoma Chess Association.

OSCO tournaments are rated with Chess eXpress Ratings, plus USCF for Premier Sections, with no membership fees.

Kevin Chen Tops The Most Improved Players List 6 Jan 20

Congratulations to Ryan Amburgy for achieving a historic place in the OSCO 2000 Hall of Fame.

Oklahoma's 2019 National Invitational Representatives
Denker High School Invitational: Howard Zhong of Norman
Barber K-8 Invitational: Naren Pullela of Edmond
National Girls Invitational: Viktorija Zilajeva of Moore

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Scholastic Chess Club Budget


 per member  40 members  
 $           5.00  $      200.00 Stationary (name stickers, scoresheets, pencils, certificates, envelopes, printer paper, photo paper, printer ink, expanding folder, index cards, tape, etc)
 $           5.00  $      200.00 Printing
 $        10.00  $      400.00 Coaching fees (higher level coaching than club volunteers can provide)
 $           5.00  $      200.00 Club tournament awards (medals to 30% of members per tournament and some trophies for the last tournament). For low cost in-club tournament medals, click HERE. The best place in Tulsa for chess trophies and premium medals is Southwest Tulsa Trophy at 1-918-446-2525 (ask for Susan).
 $        25.00  $   1,000.00 Total annual club expenses (MEMBERSHIP FEE)
    Savings on stationary and printing may be shifted into coaching fees or fixed expenses.
 $           3.00  $      120.00 chess sets - tournament style (1 per 2 members)
The best deal on sets is at Wholesale Chess for the 20" Vinyl Roll-Up Chessboard and Basic Plastic Chess Pieces with 2 Extra Queens, King 3-3/4".
 $           2.25  $      90.00 Tournament Clocks (one per 8 members). The best deal on a simple clock for in-club use is the Diamond Quartz Analog Chess Clock at Wholesale Chess.
 $           5.25  $      210.00 Necessary first year expenses for 40 members (DONATED if possible)
 $      200.00   Equipment storage cabinet on casters.
$        90.00   Tournament pairing software. The best one for interacting with a club management spreadsheet is WinTD.
 $        50.00   Training Demo board. The best deal is the Super 36" Chess Demo Board at Wholesale Chess.
 $      300.00   Books, software and videos for library
 $      640.00   Recommended first year expenses for club (DONATED)
    Savings for available convenient storage may be shifted into library items.
 $           9.00  $      360.00 club t-shirt (including 1st time art and setup fee)
 $        20.00  $      800.00 Training workbook (GM Lev Alburt's Comprehensive Chess Course Volume 2 from www.Amazon.com)
 $      140.00   Tournament fees (6 tournaments at $15 plus 2 championships at $25)
 $        20.00   Personal tournament set with carrying case. The best deal on these is at Wholesale Chess.
 $        30.00   Tournament clock. The recommended clock for personal tournament use is the Excalibur [Chess Timer] II Digital Chess Clock which has the best price at Wholesale Chess.
 $      219.00   MAXIMUM MEMBER OPTIONAL EXPENSES (excluding national tournament expenses and travel/meal expenses for interscholastic tournaments)
 It's desirable to subsidize about half the cost of the training workbooks and provide t-shirts for the tournament attendees, if an additional $600 in donations becomes available. 

Orders paid for with a school check or PO may be tax free. You'll need to know the school's tax ID number.

Fundraisers are a great way to help with some of the Optional Member Expenses, like USCF membership fees for the club members who participate in interscholastic rated tournaments.

Updated 25 September 2004