Cancellation Policy: If the tournament organizer is contacted before 8am on tournament day, you will get a full refund minus PayPal processing fees.
Cheyenee Middle School K-12 Open
Cheyenne Middle School Edmond
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  • Eligible section(s) is(are) based on either CXR rating or USCF rating.
  • Together with the player's grade, the player can play in a section within his/her current rating or a section 100 points above his/her current rating.
    For example, a 6th grade player with CXR rating 650 and USCF rating 750 can either play in section 2: K-6th U700, section 3: 6th-12th U700 (based on CXR rating 650) or section 4: K-12th U800 (based on 100 points above USCF rating 750).
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Registration Fee: $20.00
All children and their property are solely the responsibility of the parent/guardian at all times at this tournament. In consideration of this tournament entry on this day, of which I acknowledge, I release for the tournament entrant, myself and all my successors and assigns, this Tournament Organizer and Tournament Site Owner and all the officers, agents, successors and assigns of the above second parties, from all claims for personal injury or property damage related to this tournament.
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