Scholastic Extension of the USCF State Chapter Oklahoma Chess Association.

OSCO tournaments are rated with Chess eXpress Ratings, plus USCF for Premier Sections, with no membership fees.

Ryan Amburgy Tops The Most Improved Players List

Congratulations to Ryan Amburgy for achieving a historic place in the OSCO 2000 Hall of Fame

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Policy Board

President: Chris Amburgy 2018020

Vice President: Murty Pullela 2018-20

Secretary: Mike Swatek 2018-20

Treasurer: Padmaja Mehta-D’souza 2017-19

Member: Elvina Nez 2017-19

Member: Jon Kennedy 2018-20

Member: Allen Sizemore 2018-19

Annual Meeting

Will be 9 March 2019 at the Oklahoma Scholastic Chess State Championship (see left side bar). See Memberships page for voting privileges.


OSCO Bylaws, Revised 31 Mar 2007