Scholastic Extension of the USCF State Chapter Oklahoma Chess Association.

OSCO tournaments are rated with Chess eXpress Ratings, plus USCF for Premier Sections, with no membership fees.

Justin Li Tops The Most Improved Players List

Interview with Oklahoma's own Veronika Zilajeva - NGIT Champion!!

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IMPORTANT: Due to a high probability of unsafe driving conditions in Oklahoma this Saturday, the chess tournament is being delayed one week until 15 December. Aside from that, everything else in the event information linked in the left sidebar remains the same. If you're pre-paid and unable to participate a week later, email admin@okschess.org for a refund. We hope to see you 15 December at Cheyenne Middle School in Edmond.

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OSCO is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit organization with all proceeds going directly to benefit the scholastic chess players of Oklahoma. OSCO is entirely funded by donations and residuals from the state championship tournaments. All other tournament proceeds support the school and club scholastic chess programs that organize the events with OSCO's support.

Donation checks are to be payable to OSCO and mailed to the contact address.

OSCO also accepts in-kind donations of products or services directly helpful to OSCO, or to be given away at the state tournaments. In-kind donations will receive the same level of recognition as cash contributions of the same value. Contact OSCO to make an in-kind contribution.

All donors of $25 or more in the last year are voting donor members at the OSCO annual meeting during the State Championship in March. Each donor member has one vote by a representative age 16 or older.

Contact OSCO for more information about donations.

Your support will be very much appreciated.