Scholastic Extension of the USCF State Chapter Oklahoma Chess Association.

OSCO tournaments are rated with Chess eXpress Ratings, plus USCF for Premier Sections, with no membership fees.

Kevin Chen Tops The Most Improved Players List 6 Jan 20

Congratulations to Ryan Amburgy for achieving a historic place in the OSCO 2000 Hall of Fame.

Oklahoma's 2019 National Invitational Representatives
Denker High School Invitational: Howard Zhong of Norman
Barber K-8 Invitational: Naren Pullela of Edmond
National Girls Invitational: Viktorija Zilajeva of Moore

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Benefits of Chess

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The Benefits of Chess Include:

Math Development Pattern Recognition
Science Achievement Sportsmanship
English Skills Dealing With Undesirable Situations
Communication Abilities Learning From Mistakes
Creativity Responsibility for Actions
Concentration Discipline
Logical Reasoning Measurable Individual Accomplishments
Critical Thinking Team Spirit
Memory Commitment
Problem Solving Academic Competition for All
Intellectual Maturity Belonging to a Good and Diverse Crowd
Self Esteem Cultural Enrichment
Analyzing Actions & Consequences Social Skills
Planning Ahead Empathetic Awareness
Complex Decision Making Improved Attendance

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